County Hall, Northallerton

Sector: Buildings of Historical Interest
Main Contractor: William Birch & Sons Ltd
Architect: Jacobs Engineering Ltd Services
Client: North Yorkshire County Council
• Lime plastering
• Replication of mouldings to match existing
• Running in-situ
• Bespoke

County Hall was designed by Walter Henry Brierley in 1905 and built on the site of the old race course.The imposing Grade II listed building is at the centre of the County Hall campus.Walter Brierley practised as an architect inYork, and became known as “the Yorkshire Lutyens”, also being credited as an exponent of the “Wrenaissance style”, incorporating many elements of Christopher Wren’s work in his designs. He was the architect for the York diocese. Between 1885 and 1926 Brierley was responsible for over 300 buildings, including schools, churches, civic buildings and houses in York, North Yorkshire and across the North of England (Wikipedia).



Ornate Interiors became involved with this project at a very early stage through William Birch & Sons Ltd.The project was split into three phases and the brief was to take records of all existing cornices and mouldings prior to works commencing and to carry out repairs or replacement of existing plaster and mouldings to eighteen rooms.

Room 213 was part of Phase 1 and featured an unusual Barrel Ceiling which posed a number of technical problems including recreating run in-situ plaster mouldings complete with enrichments. Details of existing plasterworks for Room 215 were not available so the team were commissioned to create a bespoke new ceiling which they achieved by using the ceiling in Room 214 as a template, scaling the design for this room down by approximately 65% to ensure it fit the dimensions for Room 215 and remained in keeping with the other rooms.

The project took 12 months to complete.

As part of Ornate Interiors’ membership with FIS (Finishes and Interiors Sector) the company undergoes annual vetting to retain its membership and used this project as an example of their work.The assessor noted that this was a highly complex project that only a limited number of companies in the UK have the relevant skills to undertake.

“It’s always enjoyable and a pleasure to work with Ornate Interiors. Their professional approach and quality of work is outstanding. They are always my first choice, because of Ronnie’s years of experience and the quality team he has built. ”
Simon Potter, Construction Director, William Birch & Sons Ltd

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