Leeson Park

Sector: Residential

Main Contractor: Merrion Contracting

Architect: Coady Partnership

• Restoration and replication of ornate plaster mouldings

Leeson Park is among the smartest residential areas in Dublin. This particular property had been converted to a dozen bedsits, a change that destroyed its former Victorian grandeur. Much of the fine plasterwork that was such a striking period feature had been damaged almost beyond repair. The new owner wanted to create an imposing family home with 24 rooms so the craftsmen of Ornate Interiors were presented with a major challenge.

Two craftsmen set about creating hand-made moulds in the Yorkshire workshops, working on cornices, ceiling features and entrance arches. They made four types of cornice mould and two ceiling moulds to reproduce the various fibrous plaster embellishments. It was possible to match some of the moulds so that the casts could be blended into the existing ornamentation, but some features had been obliterated and moulds had to be made from scratch. A particular difficulty was that the enrichments to the entrance arches had a sharp undercut.

Three more craftsmen painstakingly installed the new plasterwork to restore the distinctive opulent interior, which is now a testimony to their skill and dedication and a delight to the eye.

“This prestigious project ensures that the Victorian home can now show off its finely decorated rooms for many years to come”

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